Malvern Cemetery By-Laws


1. The Members of the Corporation shall consist of all persons showing an interest in the affairs of the Cemetery.

2. Each member shall have one vote.

3. The Officers and Trustees of the corporation shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.

4. The date of the Annual Meeting will be set by the previous years Trustees. Eight days notice shall be given by the secretary to the Trustees. The annual meeting is to be listed in the local newspaper.

5. Special meetings of the cemetery will be called by order of the President or shall be called at the request of five members and the secretary shall give an eight day notice to the remaining trustees.

6. Number of Trustees shall not exceed 15.

7. A Quorum shall be a minimum of 8 Trustees of the Corporation.

8. In the event of the necessity to fill a position such as President, Secretary or Treasurer during the year, the Trustees are empowered to fill the vacancy.

9. It shall be the duty of the Trustees at the annual meeting to elect a president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer from the trustees.

10. It will be the responsibility of the Trustees to see that the maintenance of the cemetery is taken care of. The Trustees shall from time to time set the rules and regulations that may be needed to ensure that the cemetery is in good condition:   making sure that these rules do not conflict with the by-laws.

ll. The Secretary-Treasurer, appointed by the Trustees shall receive and disburse all monies accruing from the sale of lots and from other sources and shall keep an account of all transactions. He shall also keep minutes of all meetings of the Trustees and shall record these in a Book provided for that purpose. He shall also sell graves and keep a list of grave owners. All documents and accounts shall be open to the inspection of the Trustees.

12. Whenever the holder of any grave wishes to dispose of the said grave, he may return it to the cemetery as a donation. The cemetery will pay for the grave at a price set by the Trustees. (In 1984 it was passed to repurchase the graves for $50.00 each.)

13. The following prices to be set by the Trustees at the Annual Meeting: Cost of a Grave, burial of ashes and burial of casket. There will be additional charges for burial of caskets and ashes in the winter.

14. All graves purchased shall be recorded as follows: Purchasers name, address, section, lot, grave number and date of purchase in the secretary’s cardex. This shall be considered as sufficient evidence to the ownership of the same and it shall be the duty of the secretary to furnish the purchaser with a certificate according to a form drawn up by the Trustees. The secretary must also make sure that the cemetery manager has a grave card at the office on the cemetery grounds.

15. No alternations of the By-Laws shall be made except at the annual meeting of the Trustees.

16. The auditor shall be appointed by the Trustees at the Annual Meeting.

17. Salaries for the Secretary-Treasurer, Cemetery Manager, additional help and budget of expenditures shall be set at the Annual Meeting by the Trustees.

18. Investments of the Corporation shall be made by the Secretary-Treasurer in consultation with the President and/or Vice-President and approved by the Trustees at the annual meeting.

19. No encroachment of capital is to be made without prior consent of the Trustees.

20. Cheques for the company may be signed by either the President or Secretary-Treasurer.

21. Foundations for monuments shall be put in only by the Cemetery Manager and billed to the grave owner at three (3) times the cost of the cement.

22. Removal of a body must go through the Superior Court and the proper papers deposited at the office of the cemetery.

23. The burial of one body and 4 urns is the maximum allowed per grave.

24. All monuments and flat markers belong to the family and not the cemetery.

25. All roads in the cemetery are to be kept in good repair.

26. Trees and shrubs are to be trimmed and pruned when necessary by the cemetery staff.

27. No artificial flowers or glass containers are permitted on the grounds of the cemetery.


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